We all have to make choices in life. These tiny ones, but still of importance: what to eat today or what to wear. We are asking ourselves all the time if we make the right choices. The studies that you take at the university, the city you live in, the place you work for, etc. It is sometimes tricky to know what you really need and what is really the best thing to do. For example: You need to work out but you’re not in the mood because you are just tired and want to stay home but you know that the right thing to do is go out there and run these 5km. Do we make the right choices or do we just undergo life?

All of us have reached this moment that we couldn’t choose. Scared of the results of our choices. Scared of making the wrong ones. Scared of loosing an opportunity. Maybe it is time to just tell ourselves that every choice we make for ourselves is the right choice. A choice is not about taking the right option or being scared of the wrong one. A choice is about trying to do something. Trying to make it out there like you really want to. Even if it fails, it can only be the right choice, because you made it.

I truly believe that it is us that build the true concrete steps that we take. Every small choice is a step forward to accomplishment. We do not have to undergo life and just sit back and see it pass. We all take part of this huge world and every person has his own contribution to it.

One of my choices for the moment is trying to find a way, and yes this may sound cliché, to help this planet to survive (from us). We are killing it slowly and we do not realize it (Watch the documentary: Racing extinction, I hear a lot: ‘‘And you think that it is possible that one person can help?’’ At least I will give it a try. Reduce meat consumption is the easiest thing to do and really if every single one would try to reduce it a bit, it would help a lot. It is a small choice that makes it possible for kids out there to have a life like ours when they grow up. I think it is my way to make myself useful to the society we live in.

The biggest choice that I made till now is to stop my fix job and give independent, private lessons instead. This choice came with a risk. This stable little life I had before: going every day to the same school where my salary was fix and would come at the beginning of every month on my bank account, this feeling of ‘security’. I made the choice to give this up and go for a life where I choose my hours, how much I work and which students I have. It gives me the opportunity to make the travels that I love so much. It gives me the chance to live more my way.

Because that is what choices is about. It is all about creating something. Making it better. Design new things. Do not submit yourself to life and just let things happen. And yes some choices come with sacrifices, but if the choice is worth the sacrifice, then it is the choice you have to make. Take the choices of life in your hands and just live the dream you want to live. Time to go for this 5km run after all!

“May your choices reflect your dreams, not your fears” 

– Nelson Mandela –

P.S.: Check this link about the paradox of choice:



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