Tips for trips

If you know us a bit, you probably know that we met while travelling. The first three years of our relationship we saw each other in a city somewhere in Europe once a month. Through all these short or long weekend trips we have learned quite a few things for planning a trip. Here are some of our tips for trips:

  • Don’t plan everything ahead but do plan some things (yes this sounds weird). If we learned something from each other it is that Michalis always plans (a well organised man and that actually helps in the part of having a cheap roof over our heads while travelling) and Aurelie never does (kind of a last minute girl that keeps the crazy part of travelling alive). A beautiful combination of both is the best. The planning is good to end up in good hotels for a good price (we generally book through and the non planning helps if you want to stay longer at a certain part of your trip or if you change your mind about something. Keep options open but get some stuff done because prices will go up.
  • When staying in hostels: take flip flops for common bathrooms and just walking around in the hostel. Your feet will thank you for that. A quick-dry towel is also handy and does not take a lot of space.
  • Take a portable charger and charge it in advance. They are really handy!
  • Download the Google maps of the cities you’re visiting in advance. You never know when is the next time you’ll have Wifi.
  • If you rent a car: ‘Here maps’ is a complete offline GPS for any phone, for free.
  • Travel light: you don’t need a lot of stuff. Two pants, two t-shirts, one sweater and for the ladies: a dress. You won’t even wear everything. Just keep things simple and try to find those things that fit for several occasions. Aurelie always wears a black pants with a t-shirt so she can be relaxed , same pants can be easily combined with an elegant shirt. We always wear our ‘fancy’ outfit (if we need one due to a special event) during the flight so it won’t get wrinkled in the luggage.
  • For those who like doing sports even on a holiday: Take a pair of sneakers that also fit for just walking around. Aurelie has her black Nike running shoes that fit both for an elegant walk and jogging. For clothing she takes sports legging and a dry fit t-shirt and sweater: Small, light and easy to dry. Check your hotels facilities, if you’re lucky enough there is a hidden gym. If not, gyms always give a free try-out. If you do not like the inside sports there will always be a route that you can plan through the city, along a river or just around the block to go for a jogging. You might have some sightseeing while working out.
  • If you have a kindle: Great! This thing will save you from the books’ weight.
  • When you decide to rent a car try the Ryanair site. It has a search engine (like Skyscanner but then for cars) which will give you great offers. The sooner you book the car the cheaper it will be in general. And then don’t forget to upload some good roadtrip music or else you get stuck with the foreign radio stations (which are interesting for some time but trust us, not for the whole ride).
  • A refillable bottle comes in very handy. We have the ‘bobble‘ bottle. It has a filter in it so you can just refill it with tap water. You can take it empty with you in your hand luggage and after the check you just fill it up. If you’re flying with Ryanair you will spear yourselves some expensive water in the plane.
  • Take snacks for a Ryanair flight. Just make a sandwich in advance. Their food is ridiculously expensive and probably you will have made something tastier then what they will offer. If you have a flight where food is served ask in advance for the fish. We have never been disappointed with this choice.
  • The tall people will love this part. When you check in, choose the emergency exit seats. Try to take the second row of the emergency seats because in the first one you cannot lean back your seat.
  • And last but not least back up your pictures. If something happens to the device, you will be happy to find them back. Our pictures are automatically uploaded in Google photos.

Enjoy your next trip guys! Hope these tips will come in handy.

Have a lovely week and lets us know in the comments below where your next trip will be to!

Aurelie and Michalis

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    1. Check out my blog when you get the chance 🙂

      1. keepitmicro says:

        We will definitely do that! Happy traveling to you 😁😊

      2. Thank you and you too 🙂

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