Why we should exercise now

Hello fellow readers,

A question occurred to me when many people told me that I am crazy to exercise like I do. I questioned myself why I am running, going to the gym or doing yoga. Many people think: “Why work out, sweat and ‘suffer’ like this? Come on, you only live once so Carpe Diem please! Just eat and do whatever you want and enjoy life!” Well I can not disagree with the part of seize the day but I do think there has to be room for keeping your body fit. In this article I’ll explain my motivations that keep me sportive because we have to admit, sometimes it is even too hard to get in our sports clothes.

First of all some background information. I was not raised in an environment where sports were a main topic of life. So my desire to exercise came through the years from the outside. I was an active kid for sure. But I was never member of a sports club until I was 15 years old. Around that age starts a period where the environment has a very big influence on who you are and what you’ll become. I saw a lot of my peers doing activities outside of school and decided to do something myself. I started basketball and realised that my body had missed lots of sport vibes all these years. It made me happy.

As time went by, after my student years, I realised that it was important to eat healthy and take care of the only body you have in this life. I got the urge to see what my body could do and started jogging, just for fun (yes, I am for real here). I thought that it was important to take care of yourself. I know that many of us would think: “Whats the point? We all gonna die at the end, so who cares how you are?” That is true. We all will go away at the end but I think that while we are here why not make the best of it and take care of ourselves and have healthy bodies, also when we are 80 years old.

I’m really scared to grow old and to be at that age where we can not move like before anymore. That age where you get stuck in your living room and you only watch TV because that is the only activity you can manage. Well I decided back then that I didn’t want to become one of them. So I started running and put myself a goal: I was going to run the 20km of Brussels in 2011. And I did. I ran two to three times a week back then (it was sometimes really hard to stick the rhythm) and started eating healthier. There were days I didn’t want to go but then you just kick your butt and of you go.

I didn’t stop after that run (even though when I crossed the finish line I said to myself that I would never do this again because I felt so dead!). In the meanwhile I ran the marathon and climbed the highest mountain of Africa. I continued because I felt my body was getting benefits of this healthy life style. And I truly think that taking care of yourselves now is taking care of you tomorrow. So if you feel unmotivated to keep yourselves going and if you feel discouraged, try to think about how you would like to be when you are older. I know for sure I want to still be able to travel as much as I do today with Michalis and go for hikes in nature and see all the things I haven’t seen yet or see the things again I have already seen.

I am not saying that you have to start running but just think about what it could mean for you now and later to take care of yourselves. Just from time to time give your body a treat and go out there. Give it healthy food and healthy movements, you will be thankful for it! So what I want to say, take care of yourselves now and live a better life! Exercise is hard to begin with but with time it comes by itself. And if you are bored to do it alone try to find a sports buddy, they help a lot! Stop saying you don’t have time for it and just make it happen.

Comment below what sport you are doing or what you want to try out.

Have an amazing week!


P.S.: The picture was taken yesterday while hiking together here in the Cretan mountains. Exercising together is way more fun! Keeping each other motivated (and the view is a plus).

“The future depends on what you do today.” 

 Mahatma Gandhi

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  1. Alexia says:

    Great article and I especially resonated with using the reflection of “how do I want to be when I get older” this is very poignant for me right now. I love to do yoga but after a baby and a few years if not exercising my feeling is to literally “shake things up” so I want to do more high impact fun dance orientated stuff. And cycle and also lots of hiking. No time like the present, thank you, as always for the inspiration. Ps what mountain were you hiking yesterday ?

    1. keepitmicro says:

      So great that you want to shake things up! It is so important to just go for it! Good job 😊 Just by taking the decision you can be proud of yourself. Yesterday we went with “eos chanion” to Miriokefala. Amazingly beautiful.

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