Keep it micro

Our society nowadays is demanding and it expects a lot of us whereby we expect a lot of others and ourselves. Life has to be full, life has to be active. You have to undertake things all the time. You can not just sit around and do nothing, oh no, then society is going to come and tap on your shoulder to say that you better move your butt or you will fail in this life. Well, we think differently. We think that life is not about being busy all the time, about doing something every single minute of the day. Because for us doing nothing is doing something: It is giving yourself the time to just be.

We moved recently from Athens (the big city where everything happens fast and every minute you are busy with something) to Chania in Crete (the small city where it takes us only 15min to get to the city center and we have time, just to be ourselves) and this is a big change. It is a nice and positive change but sometimes a very difficult change. Growing up in big cities makes you accustomed with the busy lifestyle. Aurelie: worked full time in Brussels, gave private lessons, followed Greek lessons and studied at the University at the same time. Michalis: worked full time, studied Wine making and hosted a lot of travelers at the same time. And in between we found the time to see each other all around Europe. Some busy lives no? Yes, society can be quit demanding, because what if you had free time? You would be lazy no?

Well from this life we came to a life where we suddenly have more time for ourselves and this can be really tricky. Yes we still both work. But the distance to work has gotten much shorter which gave us even more time. What is the tricky part in all this? We never learned to cope with free time. We never learned to have these moments that you just watch outside of your window and do nothing. We have come through a whole process of learning to do this. Each day it becomes easier and we absolutely love it. We have now the space to think on our own; to embrace our lives and to think about what it really is that matters in life. The simple things matter and the small things make us happy.

All this brought us to the fact that our mind and body are healthier than ever. We take moments to think about taking care of our bodies instead of just running around in a big city like chickens without a head. We now have also the opportunity to develop projects we couldn’t possibly think of. We learn each day how to cope with these free moments where we can be, just be, that’s all.

Just to let you guys know, it is okay to sit around, it is okay to do nothing, it is okay to have a free moment, it is okay to not think. Society is very demanding. Don’t fall for its trap. Being busy all the time doesn’t mean that it will be productive. It is not easy to give up a full schedule, but it is truly possible. Don’t come with the excuse: ‘We can not have this kind of time. It is impossible!’ We thought the same, but no, it is possible. Give your mind and body some rest and do not run around like you are catching your last breathe every second of the day.

So sit back, relax and just look at the blue sky today (or for the Belgians: look at the clouds passing by). Keep it simple, keep it micro and enjoy just being.

P.S.: giving yourself some time does not make you a lazy person!

Michalis and Aurelie


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