When in need, be a friend to yourself indeed

We have all these moments in life where we feel this boost of energy coming out for a new beginning. At that same moment we rethink everything we did to come to that point. Life isn’t always simple and easy sometimes but don’t worry there is always a moment that the tie will shift. Here are some (hopefully) motivating words for those who need it!

I feel a new beginning starting
I feel a new energy flowing
It has been difficult times
And I always Thought: I will be fine
But I can now say with confidence
without feeling the need to go in defence
That a new start is there
And the sadness I had was not fair
It had just to go like this
It had to go this way
Even if I would be crying, yelling or if I would pray
It wouldn’t make a difference
You can not just build up a fence
Sometimes you just have to let it all go
And follow the waves and follow the flow
It is okay to just be
Don’t be afraid, don’t flee
Just exist, just be present and be there
I know sometimes it isn’t fair
But now I realise again
And I’m writing it down with this pen
It is okay to feel this pain and express yourself
And sometimes you can not put things away on a shelf
So give yourself some space
And let everything go its own pace
That beautiful person that you are
Is the reason that you do not have to go look far
Congratulations on this day
You see, there is no need to pray

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Michalis and Aurelie

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Katleen says:

    magnifique poème! pure, sincere, raw and at the same time so sensitive, subtil..It’s a reflection of you my dear friend. Thank you for sharing your beautiful acquiered wisdom with the world!

    1. keepitmicro says:

      Thank you for these kind words beautiful! A lot of warm greetings from Greece!

  2. Alix says:

    Love it !

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