Bruxelles, ma belle

Like you probably know my hometown is Brussels. I was born and raised in this beautiful city and I absolutely love it. If it wasn’t for the ”lovely” Belgian weather, maybe I would consider living there again with Michalis one day. The multiculturalism, the open minded people and the multilingual environment are great reasons to grow up in this place. I will give you a couple of spots where I loved to pass my time. They are not hidden/secret places but just spots from a local. So if you want to visit the city through the eyes of a local keep on reading.

1. Les gens que j’aime

This is a little bar/café in the city center near ‘la grande place’ that is appropriate for each time of the day. Want to read your paper in the morning with a nice little cup of coffee? Check. Want to go there for a nice local lunch or a good soup? Check. Or want to have a beer with some friends or organise a party to celebrate whatsoever event? Check, check, double check! Its a place where every need is answered. I have plenty of beautiful memories there. With friends, family or just alone.

2. Palace of justice

Go for a walk through the Marollen (a beautiful cute area full of antique stores. Definitely have a walk there on a sunny day!) until the elevator of the Marollen. You take the elevator up (yes there is an elevator just in the middle of our city, crazy right?) and when you arrive there you can just turn around and have an amazing view over the whole city. It is my favourite place to just sit and enjoy the scenery. Put some music on your MP3 and just dream away over the huge city. If you look well in the back right side, you can see the Atomium on a clear day.


@ view from Justice Palace

3. Brasserie de l’Union

You want to eat some local dishes in a local area? Go to Parvis de Saint-Gilles and have a nice lunch with a good Belgian beer for a decent price. Have a walk around in the area also. It is a nice upcoming community where you can definitely wander around. From there you can also walk towards the Louiza for some ‘fancy’ shopping.

4. Les filles plaisirs culinaires

If you happen to be on the other side of the city center, near Place Sainte-Catherine and you’re hungry like a horse, go have lunch at les filles plaisirs culinaires. Fantastic team of crazy good cooking ladies. It is like eating at home. You take your plate and serve yourself from the cooking pot. The atmosphere is great and the food, well what do you think? For me a must go for good food! Michalis and me have been many times and each time were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food.

5. Parc du Cinquantenaire

There are many options for parcs in Brussels. The one in the city center is really nice. It is just in front of the Royal Palace and is definitely a nice spot. But if you ask me my favourite parc of Brussels I will have to say it is the Parc du cinquantenaire. Great place for a picknick, a walk, a run or just to sit in the grass and enjoy life. There is also auto world. A great place to see the evolution of cars. For me this parc is full of beautiful memories with people I love a lot. A great place to create incredible moments! Okay and the beautiful Arcade is also nice to admire.

6. Halles de Saint-Géry

In the evening go towards les Halles de Saint-Géry. It is a great spot with lots of bars around. Some of my favourites are the Coaster for cocktails (There is a happy hour, 2 for 1), the Booze’n Blues for some Jazzy evening, de Bonnefooi and Café Bizon where there can be some live concerts sometimes. I have spend many hours in each one of them. Great places to hang out with friends and have amazing evenings. 527114_10151380090573951_590672432_n.jpg

@ Bonnefooi

7. Evasions SPRL – Book store

Forgot your reading book or just want to add some new books to your list? Take some time to go search whatever book your hart desires in this second hand bookshop. A great spot to find a new/old book . You can easily spend hours there so take your time to go an a lecture adventure and enjoy the literature around you. From reading books to travel books, everything is available there.

8. Skate Park Place de Chapelle 

For the skaters among us or just the people who like to watch it you can go to this parc. It is next to the Marollen. People from all around come together to skate. You can find skateboards, rollers, bikes or admirers. From there you can walk to the central station and pass by the Mont des Arts. This is another great spot. It has these huge stairs to go up and when you’re all up you can find two of my favourite museums (see below).

9. Music Instrument Museum and Magritte Museum

Two incredible museums. The first one gives the full history of instruments from all over the world. The second one, well who doesn’t know: Ceci n’est pas une pipe? When you are finished admiring the art and the instruments, go up to the roof café. Both of them have an amazing view over the city.

10. Place du Châtelain

Then you have this place, where you have many small shops that are unique. From clothing stores to bookstores. The stores are very small and cute. You can find a bit of everything. A great place to have some tapas around here is L’Auberge Espagnole. It is not on the place itself but it is a bit further up in front of the Eglise de la Sainte-Trinité. A nice spot for superbe wine and great tapas.

11. Pizza Liloo

And then finally my favourite pizza place. It opened some years ago on my birthday and it is a magical place. You have first of all great pizzas. And not that pizza where you only get 2 slices of aubergine on it. NO it is a fully served pizza place with great products baked in their open fire oven. You can even reserve the big space down. We celebrated many things like  a great Christmas diner with my basketball team, announcing great news or just a diner to bring everybody together! And the owners are just the nicest persons on earth. Don’t worry if you have any allergies or if you are vegan, they will make sure you will have something to eat!

All the places have links so just click on them and you’ll arrive on their site or on google maps to see where it is located. If you have any questions about Brussels, how to get around or what to do first, do not hesitate to leave a comment on this article and I will reply as fast as possible! If you ever visit Brussels and these places were something you liked, let us know. Have a nice visit and I hope I’ll make your stay in Brussels a little bit more special. Oh, sometimes I really miss my hometown…

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