Thessaloniki, where you will always return

Thessaloniki is the city where I studied so it is saved in my mind (and in my imagination) as the place where life can exist without worries and all these ”must” that came with adult life. Maybe it is not the city itself that makes me feel so nostalgic and where I keep on returning to but it is just a younger me. You know all these moments you get yourself imagining to spot the younger version of you waiting in Kamara (almost like a science fiction movie) as you are walking there from Navarino square. I know this is a lot of you, yourself and imagination but I guess Thessaloniki played a major role in my life and mainly in the transition years of university. If you add to this the fact that in order to visit my hometowns (Xanthi and Kavala) I have to take a plane first to Thessaloniki you can easily understand why it feels like home every time that I am in the city. In the next few lines I will try to give you briefly some tips about the city: favourite cafes, bars, restaurants and of course I have to mention (and I will do it now in order not to forget) that just a few kilometres drive from Thessaloniki you can find mount Olympus for an unforgettable trekking experience and Chalkidiki that is full with amazing beaches with crystal blue water.

A long walk by the sea can easily be listed as the absolute Thessaloniki experience, especially after the recent total makeover of the sea front of the city. In my opinion the city’s sea front is one of the most impressive you can find in the world (try it when the sun goes down). The latest trend in the city is the fresh salads and smoothies, so grab one and enjoy it by the sea (stand in the line with the students at Kritiko Perivoli near Kamara for a value for money – like 2 euros value for money! – salad or smoothie). If you feel like you need a dessert do not miss the crepes at Valentino’s at Navarino square or the traditional creamy Triangle (Trigono) from Elenidis or maybe a Bougatsan (a post-modern mix of city’s favourite breakfast cream pie inside a croissant) at Estrella. Foodwise the temptations you will face in Thessaloniki are countless and since the city is tailored to the students wishes the majority of the plates/bites are more than well priced.

When it comes to restaurants in the city the choices are wide. I will just mention four of my favourite restaurants (plus one mama-like kitchen that you can stop for a quick lunch or dinner menu for just 6 euros). Sempriko is the first one, with fresh ingredients and some creative ideas you will not be disappointed (try the house wine also). New folia is another restaurant that shares the same mentality with Sempriko in the kitchen, original recipes and nice atmosphere, also a must. Massalia is the third restaurant that I strongly recommend, offers fish options and believe me every dish that will arrive on your table will taste better than the previous. If you like to have choices in your menu as well as to see and be seen then Elia Lemoni is the place to be, located next to Syggrou area that is full with bars (their prices are almost unbelievably low). Last but not least, do not miss Mageires (and their amazing 6 euros menu) for a quick mama like lunch or dinner. They have two locations in the city, both equally convenient next to the two main squares of Thessaloniki.

Thessoliniki is not only about the food and the sea though, the city has a unique history to demonstrate. From the ancient years through the centuries till our days. Do not miss the archeological museum (and if you have time, pay a visit to the tomb of Philip II at Aigai).

If you plan to visit the city do not hesitate to contact through the form for any question.


Michail I. Lafkas

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  1. Thessaloniki, that’s a name I have heard a lot all through my childhood coz my father used to travel there for work quite often but I never knew that it has such a beautiful sea front and a thriving food scene. Would have loved to see some more pictures of Thessaloniki.

    Ausmita |

    1. keepitmicro says:

      Great to hear this! We will check to slide in a little album for Thessaloniki 😊😁

  2. ellyze says:

    Hi! living here in Pilaia until june of next year. Do you have any cafés to recommend in the city center?

    1. keepitmicro says:

      Hi there! Try Tabya, Blue cup (best espresso in town), the cafe of the museum of photography, Prigipos (for a Greek/Turkish coffee). Feel free to ask anything you want 😉

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